Moulin des Dames, Château Tour des Gendres 2019


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Bergerac Blanc, Moulin des Dames, Château Tour des Gendres 2019

Unctuous and superbly rich, this is a uniquely beautiful expression of barrel-fermented Sauvignon Blanc from the Bergerac region of the south of France.

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Bergerac Blanc Moulin des Dames Tour des Gendres 2019, natural wine, organic wine, full bodied, barrel fermentation, malolactic, rich and round. A stunning example of warm climate white wine from Luc de Conti down in Bergerac whose exuberant wines reflect his personality. Intense buttery texture, super-rich warm spiced apricots, peaches and quinces, incredible concentration and well-defined minerality. Ample mouthfeel and vivacity essential for a fine equilibrium. Here at Corkage we’ve fallen for this somewhat lascivious wine with all of its curves and perfume.

Luc de Conti is a perfectionist in everything he does and he is steadfastly committed to healthy natural wine making at Chateau Tour de Gendres. According to him the soil is lifeless (“a cadaver”) and it is a fifteen year process to rid the ground of pollutants. Manual picking and selection of ripe grapes is essential; on the top cuvées there are several tries in the vineyard, and the wine will only be released if it reaches the highest of standards. Green procedures are crucial to Luc’s wine-making philosophy. The Moulin des Dames wines are from a plot of vines where he practises biodynamic viticulture, using herbal tisanes to nourish the soil. He neither filters nor fines and uses hardly any sulphur. Luc is a true defender of the yeast. In the winery he mixes the lees into a kind of mayonnaise and reintroduces them (or it) into the wine to nourish it, relying on micro-oxygenation to avoid reduction problems.

Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc

Abv: 14%

Bottle: 750ml

A delicious white wine for creamy white meat dishes, white truffles, smoky risottos, shellfish and creamy blue cheeses.

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